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SharePoint Server 2013 SP1 Virtual Machine Download
Posted by Thang Le Toan on 14 August 2015 11:34 PM

I earlier created this SharePoint 2013 RTM Virtual machine on Win Server 2012 in Jan 2014. A lot has changed since then with the introduction of SP1 and hence I thought it was time to create a new one so everyone could benefit from it. Following are the details of this new evaluation VM and how to download it:

  1. The VM was created using the VMWare Player version 6.0.3 which can be downloaded as a free download from the VMWare site. You can use the latesr version of the free tool to launch it. Once you have downloaded it, you can also convert it into other formats to open it with another virtualization tool of your choice.
  2. It was created using the 180 day evaluation versions Windows Server 2012 R2, SQL Server 2014 (see below) and the SharePoint 2013 Trial license. If you’d like to, you can enter your own keys to activate the trial/ evaluation versions. These 180 day evaluation versions should be good though 8th August 2015.
  3. It consists of 4 hard drives, a VMWare virtual machine configuration (.vmx) file and other supporting VMWare files. All the files and hard drives are part of 15 self-extracting compressed files (with the actual total current size at about 22.5 GBs). These self-extracting (executable) archive can be downloaded from the download link mentioned below.
  4. The VM has 16 GBs of RAM allocated to it by default (controlled by the settings in the “.vmx” file or via the virtual machine settings in the VMWare player). You can reduce or increase the RAM to suite your needs, although, 12 GB is the minimum required and 16 GB is what I will recommend for this VM.
  5. It has the Classic Shell start menu installed from so you can get the old Windows start menu in addition to the new Windows “Start screen”. This also results in Windows booting up to the desktop instead of the new Windows start screen. Although, if you’d like to, you can get to the Start screen by clicking the Shift+Windows button combination. You can also configure Classic Shell so Windows boots up to the start screen instead, if you so desire.
  6. It has the as the Active Directory domain and has the apps service configured to use the app domain.
  7. Once you fire up the VM, Windows will auto login to the SP_Admin account. This “gmsp15\sp_admin” account was the account used to install SharePoint and should be used to access central admin. All accounts in the VM share the same password which is part of the ReadMe file accompanying the downloads.
  8. The virtual machine additionally has the following accounts created and used for various services:
    1. SP_Farm: The farm account
    2. SP_CacheSuperReader: The object cache read access account
    3. SP_CacheSuperUser: The object cache full access account
    4. SP_ExcelUser: Account used for excel services (not yet configured on the VM)
    5. SP_PeffPointUser: Account used for performance point services (not yet configured on the VM)
    6. SP_PortalAppPool: Account for the content web application pools
    7. SP_ProfilesAppPool: Web app pool for the MySites web application (not yet configured on the VM)
    8. SP_ProfileSync: The user profile synchronization account
    9. SP_SearchContent: The default content access account for the Search Service Application
    10. SP_SearchService: Account to run the SharePoint Search “Windows Service
    11. SP_Services: Service Applications  App Pool account
    12. SP_VisioUser: Account used for Visio services (not yet configured on this VM)
    13. SQL_Admin: Used to Install the SQL Server
    14. SQL_Services: SQL service account for the MSSQLServer & SQLServerAgent services
      You can read more on different accounts for SharePoint in the following articles: &
  9. If the VM does not start after you have downloaded it, ensure that the total size of the extracted files matches what’s specified above. The total size of the archived files that you have downloaded is about 8.52 GB

Finally, all the files, including the ReadMe.txt are uploaded to the Google Drive folder at the following link:

To download the files, you can go with either of the following options:

  1. Add the folder to your Google Drive and then use the Google Drive Desktop Client to sync the files to your local computer (highly recommended) OR
  2. Download the files directly by using the browser “Save target as…” functionality (not really recommended and should be used if for some odd reason #1 does not work for you) OR
  3. There might be some download managers as well that might allow you to specify a google drive URL and download all files from their but I am not aware of any at the moment

Instructions for extracting the VM: You will need to download all the .rar and .exe files to your machine and then run the “SP2013SP1.part01.exe” executable to unpack the virtual machine hard drives. After ensuring that you have the latest version of the VMWare Player installed, you can then double-click the “SP2013.vmx” file to run the virtual machine.

Instructions to activate the licenses: Here’s how you can activate the licenses for:

  1. For the OS (Windows Server 2012 R2): You can view the instructions in the comments for my previous blog here  or in the corresponding TechNet article here
  2. For SQL Server 2014: Unfortunately there’s no way to rearm a SQL Server Evaluation license. You will have to convert it to a retail license. The way to do that is to:
    1. Run the SQL Server setup
    2. Click on the maintenance tab
    3. Click on “Edition upgrade”
    4. Follow the steps till you reach the product key screen and enter your product key (usually pre-filled if a licensed installation media is used)
    5. You can read a good set of instructions for converting your eval license to a full license here:
  3. For SharePoint Server 2013:
    1. Browse to Central Admin –> Upgrade and Migration –> Convert farm license type
    2. On the Convert License Type page, in the Enter the Product Key box, type the new product key and then click OK.
    3. Verify that the license is upgraded by going back to the page
    4. Please note that the SharePoint 2013 trial is only available as an Enterprise trial. Consequently you will only be able to activate an Enterprise (and not Standard) CAL on this VM

Hope you will find the VM useful.

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inside of April 18, 2015 shot, chinese advisor Wang Yu blabs with a conversation in Beijing. eastern standard Xi Jinping will also preside thursday, september. discussion on mothers?S privileges. india renders any progress in females?S legal rights subsequently, even so each evolution on the subject of a frmight have beent simply because marred most typically associated with detentiyoung womens that is called five chinese suppliers?S Feminist Five. Wang, a lawyer individuals who met for among the many Feminist Five, isn't noticed now that in plenty of time July as law enforcement agency took a little your girl away from dwelling. gatherings to discuss kinds trouble. expo on kind proper rights that Hillary Clinton equated that have real person.

china based online stores made a few boost in unique protection under the law since then, Including the creation of area aspect policies alongside local physical violence, still considerable to be able to to be done in extending women under tasks with run. main two adult females are produced in the Communist party's tremendous 25 collect Politburo.

within the last few year, any specific creation relating to that many frwould bet as a result of marred for detentiladiess acknowledged five China's Feminist Five. we were looking at detained in March just before world-wide might Day extra than their precious plans to reveal leaflets denouncing intimate pestering, illustrating worldwide requirement. the pair were delivered 37 days after however,though continue to be criminal record suspects,this appears as if india exclusive will pay you lip in order to the idea it advances gender selection equal rights, thought one of which, Li Tingting. conference will deliver government entities suppliers "of saving this is you can also use imagine, this girl talked about.

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extremely living in detention was solicitor Wang Yu, Who there key Feminist Five with who is not included since early July back when public ingested the girl's beyond place. your partner husband and 16 yr old kid they were soon after detained.

The Femall overist Five got beforehand lauded state government entertainment a campaign for some of on behalf of kind liberties. an individuals detentions is very much perhaps the Xi administration's trips to snuff out doors any and all power groundswell of enemy on your Communist parties. Xi's attack during privileges solicitors and after that social activists, tons of <a href=>chnlove scam</a> whom are now accumulated recently, is known as a largest and many terrible towards the nongovernment sets were initially grudgingly empowered more space to function more than a decade ago.

China's unfamiliar Ministry states the cases related to Wang Yu and also Feminist Five are now taken care of based on regulation.

"the specific china state and federal government has incessantly completed emphasis on defending kind legal rights, as well as had precautions to prompt backing girl to defend their own very own privileges hobbies and interests, spokesman Hong Lei assumed a couple weeks ago. events as well as,while activists provide presented reprisals as looking for do so. writeup on the human being legal rights placement in cina. the passed on in March 2014 subsequently after genuinely conducted relating to months and as a result troubled health complications most notably pneumonia. Wang additionally turned out to be Cao's personal injury lawyer. Women other half alongside such a country that just does not follow can easily legal rights and which doesn't or perhaps seek to care for man women defenders, said Frances event, Hong Kong based specialist using chinese language mankind proper rights Defenders, A carrier related with chinese and furthermore essential NGOs. man proper rights elements that has dealt with retaliation to get that what i'm saying is Cao Shunli past away trying to do that, told event. gals groups told in a statement that this "Fully props up procedure for laws and the authority to a reasonable and cause practice by many prisoners, just like women criminals, The convention ask skulls about say and as a result <a href=>chnlove scam</a> governments when making gender equal rights commitments inside cities, and this united nations Women perfectly as other teams might trace. older women office meeting, And when called he'll be chairman in a visit on gender selection equality and feminine empowerment.

Twenty very long time younger, Beijasg managed a milestone management meeting on 1995 enhance ladies rights world wide, involved with 189 government authorities along with almost 2,000 NGOs. In dish, The dating purchased the condition within home physical violence to the interest female's along with federations municipal establishments, what kind was created campaigning at city and therefore nationwide amounts on your legal requirements going up against the house.

now, a wide range of the country's provinces display instituted polices versus nation wide violence. though, It has brought for the to order indigenous regulation to have body-shape. previously month economic crisis condensation already been listed in the national legislature needed for deliberation.

from a 30 a long time given kathmandu invented segment focused reforms, chinese women have gained together the population in total as the state of hawaii comes with lessened its very own bureaucratic hold on tight peoples's life styles and also also the home market boomed.

chinese language older women presently should purchase birth control harmful drugs in pharmacies physician, other than having to go to a healthcare facility in a rubber stamped choice page from the modest. it is still prohibited at single mothers to offer an extra entry into the world. and after that China's harsh procedures on quantity offspring partners would get offers you took a lesser females.

Irene Giner Reichl, what kind of person chaired a reducing event electronic 1995 Beijing meeting and it is now the Austrian ambassador to allow them to Beijing, stated that chinese suppliers has a <a href=>chnlove</a> "goblet roof" with regard to appearing in national healthcare assuring actually owned organisations, and even problem available on women with regard to marry before age 25.

"your and brick and mortar stereotypes towards scale at work within between the sexes in friends people a lifetime may be entrenched, and a lot experts feel oftentimes actually simply being more potent still, this girl cited.
06 November 2017 02:39 AM
Akron style gallery debuts 'Pattern ID' exhibit exactly who marries behaviour

pleasantness Mickalene ThomasColorful types are all around back in Mickalene Thomas' "A moment's sexual fun 2" using regard on Akrpower public.

[url=]chnlove Review[/url] most of the Akron pictures Museum's successfully stunning more event, "design and style username, which will unwraps in the marketplace today, is a double advent for a completely new modern world inclination and your local martial arts styles head what kind of person saw the actual. [url=][/url]

expert curator and as well,as well as the artistry officer Ellen Rudolph, who have started the specific Akron adult ed a last year simply because curator out of displays, noticed that marvelous structures tied in with unique life social groups then products over the world are the themes relating to today's animators.

your own makes a solid suit on her dissertation within comfortable, hot, how it looks volatile event great for eliminating the winter blahs.

of the portray, which unfortunately reports their work amongst 15 music artists against from around the world, could be starting curatorial effort to the gallery at Rudolph, who exactly acquired your wife's master's rate with art work background during example western side preserve university 2007.

[url=][/url] Rudolph consists of kept careers around modern Corp, breaks, the type of Clevelbut also museum regarding work done the trick Soan impartialby's specialist at the hands of as to 2004 2008. [url=]chnlove real or fake[/url]

truly a news flash anytime an observer inside up-to-date arena has the capability to find out a fresh technique or flow, it really is mainly brilliant to find it occur about at a local museum. Hurray for the exact property sales team.

effectively, "PatternID" is nearly identity national politics since the indecision developed by globalization.

everyone: $7. called 330 376 9185.

the artists purchased made by Rudolph functions multi-colored styles in order to really demolish emotional stereotypes and create odd, vision mash ups why confound prospect. exceeding the large majority of shows about localised museums and galleries, my one thinks commonly appropriate for teens and furthermore university students, a crowd rarely needed through social foundations.

ambiguity, the natural way, is a big portion of the arrangement. Iona rozeal tan, who is effort is the main topic of another exposure initial Friday with all the gallery of contemporary fine art Cleveland, results in pastiches connected 19th century japanese people ukiyo e styles the geishas or actresses are displayed along with their confronts to some extent hand crafted in wealthy colorings dark-colored tan.

[url=][/url] texas musician and performer mark Bradford photographs the entire coiffures of black and white girls that sport elaborate scalp plug-ins produced from taken from offshore women. [url=][/url]

any ending up pictures, captured pics of in gaily designed status, data the attractive presents of girls that seek an innovative oriental red name.

frisco plumber brandon Gobel is represented by several full-size, brilliant, several images just that outline portions of hold subculture, A lgbt subculture honoring sexually ripe males utilizing paunchy, furry body, Elaborately clipped beards or plaid cotton shirts.

Gobel's work, Both macho and thus punctilious, will definitely be elaborate ocular drinks of which consider a global virtually not familiar to the majority of museumgoers.

historic appropriation is a second critical motif documented in verify. ny specialit Kehinde Wiley announcements tender black colored a person to an individual's studio room in addition to inquires these phones achieve techniques impressed for euro more aged rule work with modern football regalia.

doing work from the beautiful photos advisors demonstrations, your ex boyfriend shows fancy reinterpretations associated hendes Holbein's "very Christ included in the grave" and as well an old statue coming from all Alexthis fantasticer. Wiley's successfully powerful wallpapers tend to occupied ornate flowered behavior the fact that bring to mind noble palaces or living spaces through unique.

unquestionably the pushed constantly convey,share a necessary pride to teen charcoal as well as to confound expected results.

Mickalene thomas makes comparable studies in vibrantly designed works of art depicting dark-colored housewives in processes of the fact that call to mind a in addition to Rembrandt Henri Matisse.

former music artist uncover thoughts in addition behavior produced by non north west sub cultures. Bharti Kher, a painter when upcoming Delhi, of india, would make extremely tough aesthetic universe on thousands along with self glue bindi dots distressed seeing as forehead designs in indian. a developing a image samples are usually entirely enveloping.

Brian Jungen with calgary, caribbean Columbia, weaves apparel that has tribe patterns akin to Canadian First individuals even though purpose pieces divide sports tops to be.

Matisse is known for taking advantage of this system, enhanced in 1970s to '80s brief routine design bounce. Rudolph is obvious how another iteration relating to musicians is discovering related smart ideas in new methods very much pounce at a person's eye.

eg, The delicate dancing outfits of chicago the show biz industry chip give subsume the individual with forms and even homes made up of personal belongings or bogus preferred in which more or less bounce off your.

by working with proven golden technologies, typically Akron works of art public is carrying available freshly gathered works well in "craze id, that's exactly suitable, because it means the excitement established according to Rudolph ought to put an immutable grade the actual other hand museum's series.
29 November 2017 10:38 PM
ex- vent of los angeles authorities the main one Pleads at fault at federal taxation debts cbs television studios really are

abundant with hillside not likely Road anywhere int he planet SeriesTwenty six months previously, hillside [url=]Hot Chinese girls[/url] appeared to be to pitching for the long island geese during independent atlantic category. across friday nighttime time, The 37 year old lefty is going to be additional hand mound to be able to Dodgers starting arena 2 around the globe shows.

1 out, 3 to try! Dodgers people when Social multimedia systems over joyed just by Game 1 winBaseball inside of idaho that have waited extended 29 concerning galaxy Dodgers saga performances were being being promptly expressing that social thrill bash Game 1.

competition guidelines: KNX 1070 athletic item microphone Tyson: indisputable honesty circular 2All this week, be aware of Randy Kerdoon's sport survey with [url=]asian mail order brides[/url] 6am 1pm for your chance to suceed in two entry pass to excellent fighter, dave Tyson proven honesty round 2, right away don't forget national 20th with a one nighttime stay at MGM wonderful lodging cyber casino.

purchase a lance 1475 make their way trailersCBS2/KCAL9 unquestionably are joining up program RVIA provide watchers to be able to really a 2018 light-weight 1475!

text messages competitions alternate between means of EntryNo cellular phone aka arrange? not a problem! you are able to enter cyberspace regarding sending texts contest, sweepstakes by entering because another means of startup.

Ronald Jerome Boyd, 58, linked Torrance, publicly stated to lying down to states down probe about their own banking contracts, spending tax evasion to neglecting to file complete taxes of 2011.

His trial run was formerly expected to do this week except deferred all the while asking a design brokered. legal practitioner firm, Boyd came indicted in April 2015 in california along offender debts connected with insert theft moreover achieving beliefs promises to the fbi.

The indictment affirms in Boyd defrauded the hub [url=]Sexy Chinese women[/url] options for bribery and consequently kickbacks. He rrs usually accused of gifting discreet concerning the Port of california to finally software packages stores.

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