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Download WiseMapping software to use it internally
Posted by Thang Le Toan on 04 September 2016 05:56 AM

Concerned about security?


If security is very important to you, download WiseMapping and install it in your own server! It can't be more secure than this, and these are the reasons:

In Your Servers

  • You can configure any security measure that you want since it is in your own servers.
  • You are responsible for making backups
  • Can configure different credentials validation systems

It's Open Source

There are no secrets in our code. You can look at it, to verify that we are not reading your maps, nor sending information anywhere. WiseMapping is Open Source project initiative. You can find more details here:


Installation Steps

Before starting the installation,  you must have Java Development Kit 7 or higher installed. You can download it from (

If you have java already installed, follow the next steps:
  1. Download the installer from here
  2. Unzip the binary distribution. This will generate a wisemapping-<version> directory.

  3. Open a command line terminal within wisemapping-<version> directory.
  4. Finally, execute the following line to start wisemapping:

    ~:> java -Dorg.apache.jasper.compiler.disablejsr199=true -jar start.jar

    After some time, you should see something like this. This means that the application is ready to accept requests:

    2014-01-23 18:35:38.063:INFO:oejs.Server:jetty-8.1.14.v20131031
    2014-01-23 18:35:38.082:INFO:oejdp.ScanningAppProvider:Deployment monitor ~/wisemapping-v3.0.2/webapps at interval 1
    2014-01-23 18:35:38.086:INFO:oejdp.ScanningAppProvider:Deployment monitor ~//wisemapping-v3.0.2/contexts at interval 1
    2014-01-23 18:35:38.088:INFO:oejd.DeploymentManager:Deployable added: ~//wisemapping-v3.0.2/contexts/wisemapping.xml
    2014-01-23 18:35:42.322:INFO:/wisemapping:No Spring WebApplicationInitializer types detected on classpath
    2014-01-23 18:35:42.768:INFO:/wisemapping:Initializing Spring root WebApplicationContext
    2014-01-23 18:35:45,290 WARN org.openid4java.server.RealmVerifier - RP discovery / realm validation disabled;
    2014-01-23 18:35:45.547:INFO:/wisemapping:Initializing Spring FrameworkServlet 'mvc-rest'
    2014-01-23 18:35:46.511:INFO:/wisemapping:Initializing Spring FrameworkServlet 'mvc-servlet'
    2014-01-23 18:35:46.909:INFO:oejs.AbstractConnector:Started SelectChannelConnector@
  5. WiseMapping server will be started on http://localhost:8080/wisemapping/.  You could start testing it using the user and password test.

Congrats!, you should have WiseMapping really to be use. A couple of additional comments you have to keep in mind:

  • This default installation comes with embedded HQSQL file based database. For production environments, we strongly encourage you to use MySql. Take a look at this page for more information.
  • There are a couple of additional defaults you might be interested in reviewing (email servers, etc).  Review the file WEB-INF/ and adjust it based on your requirements. 

Finally, for advance installation questions or problems you visit he group 

Additional Steps


Also in the file , Part Plain SMTP Server Configuration with SMTP settings for an address to you that works. This is necessary so that registered users can receive email confirmation notifications when a card is shared or a new password when they have forgotten.

Silent process 

When you run the script , the server runs as you do not leave the terminal. To avoid having to maintain a permanently open terminal, it executes the command followed by & .Information

Each time you make a change to the file , you will kill the java process underway and start the script .

When the machine crashes and needs to restart, it may be useful to revive Wisemapping start. To do this, create a file/etc/init.d/wisemapping contains this line:

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Comments (4)
04 September 2016 08:34 AM
Error occurred during initialization of VM Too small initial heap
I don't know where you got those numbers from - I get the "m" on the end when I do a default installation
exp: java -Xmx256m -Dorg.apache.jasper.compiler.disablejsr199=true -jar start.jar
Ha lan
04 September 2016 10:11 AM
Link download :
05 September 2016 02:11 AM
Step1. Install and configure MySQL WorkBench:
- Run this command in Terminal (Ctrl+Alt+T):
- sudo apt-get install mysql-workbench

Step2. Install and configure Java:
- sudo apt-get install default-jdk

Step3: Install and configure Maven 3.x or higher ([])
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install maven

Step4. Download and configure wisemapping:
05 September 2016 05:29 AM
Only launch when type on terminal command line:
java -jar start.jar -Duser.language=en -Duser.region=?
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