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Xangati for VMware ESX
Posted by Thang Le Toan on 09 July 2015 07:26 AM

Two new Xangati’s products has just being released for VMware ESX.

Those 2 new products are virtual appliances which you can install in your vCenter environment. Xangati provides a video-like visibility into all communications across both the virtual and physical worlds. It can monitor and manage both of them. It’s multi-platform so it works well on  Hyper-V and Citrix Xen Server and others.

Xangati was designed  to act as a complement of VMware’s vCenter. It manages all the objects that appear in vCenter. Not only it provides an instant visibility but also with a feature like DVR-like recordings which saves the data for later use. You’re able to replay for exemple a critical moments to actually speed the resolution process and contact and interract with VMware Support providing those datas.

Xangati’s virtual appliance suite consists of the following components:

  • Xangati for ESX – tightly integrates with VMware’s hypervisor to instantly summarize traffic traversing a vSwitch, providing valuable visibility that completely eliminates these once troublesome “blind spots.” The turnkey appliance is offered via a 14-day high-value trial, with the true plug-and-play nature of the solution enabling it to be installed and yield value in less than 30 minutes.
  • Xangati Management Dashboard – can track up to 5,000 identities (e.g. a hypervisor, virtual server, virtual desktop, VoIP phone), providing complete enterprise-wide visibility, alerting, reporting and recording for hundreds of applications. The solution comes in both a Standard and Enterprise edition, depending on the size and scope of the IT infrastructure and budget. It too is plug-and-play, with ROI in less than two hours.

Alan Robin – the CEO says:

“The inability to explicitly see virtual communications within a hypervisor using traditional management solutions is perhaps the most fundamental ‘blind spot’ in a virtual infrastructure. We believe that to effectively manage the virtual world, you have to be of the virtual world, which is why we’ve come to market with a suite of virtual appliances that solve this virtual communication void. Couple our innovative product introduction with an aggressive ‘try-before-buy’ pricing model that allows virtualization administrators to solve problems before even committing to a purchase, and Xangati not only provides a win-win for everyone but positions itself as a disruptive force for virtualization management as we know it.”

The solution is Agent-Less, so immediately after deployement, you are able to monitor and manage your ESX Servers. No agent is needed to be installed on your ESX servers.

Xangati for ESX can be downloaded directly from here. You have a possibility to test the solution for 2 weeks. The pricing details can be found on Xangati’s website. Just to give you an idea, the cost per ESX server is  $299. The Xangati Management Dashboard Standard edition is available for $4,999, and the Enterprise edition for $9,999.

There is also a Starter Kit at a discounted rate of $9,999, which includes Xangati for ESX for up to 20 hosts and the Xangati Management Dashboard Enterprise edition.

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