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How To Install Remix OS 2.0 on your Computer or Laptop
Posted by Thang Le Toan on 01 March 2016 03:52 PM

Remix OS brings the lovely Android experience to your computer system. It is based on the Android OS & is completely different from the already existing Emulators. Yesterday we posted about the Remix OS 2.0 getting leaked and also added the links to download the Remix OS for your computer system.

Remix OS.

Many of our visitors ended up downloading the OS but, a lot of users didn’t know how to install Remix OS on their existing system. So in this guide I’ll be guiding you with the steps to install Remix OS 2.0 on their computer system. Are you someone who was looking forward to boot Remix OS 2.0 using your USB drive or someone who wanted to keep the OS and dual boot it, This guide has everything that you might require.

Own A MacBOOK? MacBOOK PRO? MacBOOK AIR? or iMAC? – Here is How to Install Remix OS 2.0 on Mac

How To Install Remix OS 2.0 on USB Drive?

So decided to use the Remix OS 2.0? Believe me, I was just amazed by looking at the videos about the Remix OS 2.0 and wasn’t able to stop myself from downloading the leaked version and install it on my USB drive. Once I was able to boot Remix OS 2.0 Using the USB drive, it just ran smooth and made me fall in love with the OS. Without wasting a second more, lets begin with the steps to Install Remix OS 2.0 on USB Drive.


  • Torrent Downloading Client.
  • Remix OS 2.0 and Remix OS USB Installer.
  • USB 3.0
  • BIOS Should have Legacy Boot Mode Enabled (Or Enable it manually)
  • 8 GB USB Drive (FAT32 Format)
  • Windows PC.

Step 1: Download the Remix OS 2.0 and USB Installer.

The Remix OS 2.0 is officially going to be released on 12th January but we spotted a leaked Remix OS 2.0 (which might be the final build) available for download & with it accompanies a Remix USB installer to install the Remix OS 2.0 on the USB Drive.

Download Remix OS 2.0 and Remix OS USB Installer.

This link has the files which can be downloaded using Free Download Manager or any other Torrent Client and can’t be downloaded using the Download manager in any browser. So if you don’t have torrent client on your PC, Download uTorrent and Install it before downloading this.

Step 2: Format the USB Drive and Change the Format to FAT32.

Once you’ve successfully downloaded the Remix OS 2.0 and the USB Tool from the above link, format the USB Drive and change the format of the USB Drive to FAT32. This will make the USB empty and in the format which the Remix OS requires.

Disclaimer: Before formatting take the important data’s backup to the HDD so that you don’t lose any important data stored in the USB Drive.

Step 3: Start the Remix OS USB Tool.

The Remix OS Torrent file which you’ve downloaded from the above link doesn’t just have the OS, but it also has a USB Tool. So this tool flashes the OS to the USB drive and make the USB Bootloader.

Remix OS USB Tool.

After starting the tool, you will have to select the ISO file and the drive where you want to install the ISO File. You might think of extracting the ISO file directly to the USB, but that won’t help because this tool also makes the USB bootable.

Step 4: Add the ISO File to the USB Tool & Select the USB Disk on which you will be Installing the Remix OS.

So the Remix OS USB tool has two fields, in one field you are supposed to add the path of the ISO File on your computer system & select the USB disk on which this tool will install the OS.

Install Remix OS - Bootable USBSelect the ISO file of the Remix OS which you’ve downloaded from the Step 1 and the USB Disk where you want to install the Remix OS 2.0. Once done, The Remix OS USB tool will begin it’s working, It will start copying files & writing the Bootloader to the USB Drive.

Remix OS USB Installer.

This process might take time, depending on the read and write speed of your computer system, It is recommended to stop doing other tasks while these files are being copied, because on slow computer systems, you might notice lags. Once it is completed, go ahead and follow the next step.

Step 5: Reboot your Computer System & Follow the instructions.

Depending on your BIOS, the Boot menu keys are different, so make a Google search “Laptop Brand Model Shortcut for Boot Menu” for the Key combinations to get into the Boot menu during the start.

Now Power on your computer system and press the key combinations to see the Boot menu and you will see a list of devices from which you can boot, You will have to select your USB Drive.

Remix OS - Boot Menu

Select the USB Drive which has the “Remix OS 2.0 Installed in it”. Once done, it will boot up and you will see a blue screen showing two ways of using it i.e. Guest mode and Resident Mode. But in case you aren’t able to boot up and your existing Windows OS gets booted then you will have to change your BIOS Boot mode to Legacy and Follow the steps listed above again.

Remix OS Guest Mode & Resident Mode.

If you’ve seen this blue screen then you are on the right path and you will soon see the Remix working on your Computer System or Laptop.

Step 6: Select the Mode of Installation – Guest Mode or Resident Mode.

The Remix OS 2.0 has two modes of installation, you can use “Guest mode” or “Resident mode”. Guest mode is for the one’s who are willing to test it and are not sure about using the OS again. It won’t store any of your tasks, data nor the app installations. Once you reboot you will lose all the data.

Steps to Install Remix OS 2.0 Guest Mode.

The Resident mode will format the USB which has the live CD on it, But it will save all the details and changes you make to the Remix OS. That’s the reason why it takes 5-15 minutes based on the “System Configuration” and once getting into Resident mode you won’t have to install the Remix OS again and again!

Step 7: Remix OS 2.0 – Begin with Installing the OS.

Now the Remix OS 2.0 is installed, The boot screen with “Remix OS” written on confirms the installation. However, You are just three steps away to start the Remix OS 2.0’s GUI.

1st Step: Selecting the Language for operation:

Remix OS 2.0 Languages - English, Chinese

The Remix OS 2.0 comes with different Languages pre-installed in it, selecting the language will be make the OS run in that particular language. So once you’ve booted into the Remix OS 2.0, the first thing you will see is selecting the language.

2nd Step: Agree to the User Agreement.

Remix OS 2.0 User Agreement

Once you’ve selected the language, The User agreement will appear, Depending on the language you’ve selected – the user agreement will appear in that language. I’ve selected English US as the language for operations. Clicking on the Next button will bring you closer to the Last step to see the working Remix OS 2.0 on your Laptop.

3rd Step – Click on Start.

Remix OS 2.0 Installation.

Yes, I agree that this is the most easiest step to do, You just have to click on “Start” and you will see the Remix OS 2.0 Live. I know this is the dumbest step, but we couldn’t avoid it. That’s it once done, you will see the Remix OS 2.0 operating live on your computer system.

Remix OS First Look - First Appearance.

Now, you’ve successfully installed the Remix OS 2.0 on your Computer system, Now its time to play around with the OS. Personally I used many apps such as Facebook, WordPress and Google Drive. Even the shortcuts such as Num Lock, Caps Lock, Number Keypad, ALT + Tab, ALT + F4 works fine on the Remix OS 2.0, I didn’t feel that I left Windows 10 OS while using this. Hope you enjoy using this. Faced any problems while installing? Post them here and I’ll solve that problem right away!


Done with Installation? You might want to install some of your favorite apps? WhatsApp is a Favorite app for everyone. Here is our guide to Install WhatsApp on Remix OS 2.0

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